Vicky Carne – The Dog Coach

I help busy families on their journey to the land where trained happy owners co-exist with happy trained dogs – and chewed furniture, relentless barking, jumping up at people, stealing picnics or worse, never happens (well, hardly ever!).

For over 10 years, I've run puppy classes, had many puppies to stay for board and training, and worked one-to-one with hundreds of dogs and their owners.

Prior to that, I too had plenty of experience managing a full-time career alongside family life and our own dogs! So, I know how hard it is to fit everything in.

Ideally, I first meet my clients before the puppy comes home. Being fully prepared for your puppy's arrival saves so much time in future. The key to simple, successful puppy training is management – managing their environment from day one.

But often it's after the puppy's been at home for some days, or maybe not until it's reached adolescence and the sweet, obliging ball of fluff who never strayed on a walk has suddenly donned a metaphorical hoodie and turned into a teenage hooligan ....

Yes, ideally we'd start at the very beginning (which, as we all know, is a very good place to start) but dogs and owners of any age can learn new tricks and I teach those too!

Testimonials for local & online training

Vicky gave us the essential information we needed to welcome and train Molly, our new arrival. Whenever problems arose, she was on hand to make a trouble-shooting visit.

Ashley (& Molly the Labrador)

We were amazed by how much Jasper and the other puppies developed over the six weeks and how far they came ... We really enjoyed the classes and your approach.

Isabel (& Jasper to Cockerpoo)

I love the handouts, full of info and humour. I really enjoyed the training and wish I'd started earlier as I found time matters in training bad habits — thank you Vicky.

Lucy (& Scoff the Border Collie)

As a first time dog mum I was determined to learn as much as I could to be prepared before Enid arrived. Vicky’s online course has been invaluable.... Since Enid came home we’ve continued to follow the reassuring and inspiring daily lessons and both of us look forward to them! Vicky’s knowledge and good sense comes across in the easy to watch videos. Having added the additional group advice sessions I’d absolutely recommend doing them both.
Kate (& Enid the Goldendoodle)

I found Vicky's training very useful. The different ways that things can be done and the reiteration of the training ideas. Also, the answers to specific problems that occur with the puppies.

Tanya (& Saffie the Staffie)

The classes were awesome, we enjoyed them a lot. It made it a lot easier to teach Maverick. 

Cristina (& Maverick the Cocker Spaniel)


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