Vicky's classes were invaluable. They gave us the essential information we needed to welcome and train Molly, our new arrival. Whenever problems arose, she was on hand to make a trouble-shooting visit.

Ashley (& Molly)

We were amazed by how much Jasper and the other puppies developed over the six weeks and how far they came ... We really enjoyed the classes and your approach.

Isabel (& Jasper)

I love the handouts, full of info and humour. I really enjoyed the classes and wish I'd joined them earlier as I found time matters in training bad habits — thank you Vicky.

Lucy (& Scoff)

I found the training very useful. The different ways that things can be done and the reiteration of the training ideas. Also, the questions/answers about specific problems that occur with the puppies.

Tanya (& Saffie)

The classes were awesome, we enjoyed them a lot. It made it a lot easier to teach Maverick. 

Cristina (& Maverick)


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