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Doberman Pinscher

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Doberman Pinschers are the target of a mistaken stereotype of ferocity and aggression. As a personal protection dog, the Doberman was originally bred for these traits: it had to be large and intimidating, fearless and willing to defend its owner, but sufficiently obedient and restrained to only do so on command. These traits served the dog well in its role as a personal defense dog, police dog or war dog, but were not ideally adapted to a companionship role. In recent decades, the Doberman Pinscher’s size, short coat, and intelligence made it a desirable house dog. Although these dogs are mistaken for their aggression, they are extremely loyal.

Comments on Doberman Pinscher

  1. I am thinking of getting a Doberman puppy. I have been thinking about it and studying for a long time, not wanting to rush into anything. I have found so much information, and I think I am ready. I have talked to some people who are “leaders?” in knowledge and expertise of the breed. Owners of Dobermans have told me how precious they are in the family.

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