What they say about The Dog Coach

“Vicky’s classes were invaluable. They gave us all the essential information we needed to welcome and train Molly – our new arrival. And whenever problems arose she was on hand to make a trouble-shooting visit. Vicky made Molly’s settling in period as painless as it could be.” Ashley (& Molly)

“The puppy classes were awesome, we enjoyed them a lot, it made it a lot easier to teach Maverick.” Cristina (& Maverick)

“We especially appreciated that you let Archie, Jasper’s master be the primary person in lessons despite only being 12, as this really helped him learn how to take responsibility and made him really engaged in the training. We were amazed by how much Jasper – and the other puppies – developed over the six weeks and how far they came …we really enjoyed the classes and your approach.” Isabel (& Jasper)

“I love the handouts, full of info and humour, also watching Vicky handling my dog and the others gave me great confidence and ideas. Always good if other owners share their concerns and info about their dogs. I really enjoy the classes and wish I’d joined them earlier as I found time matters in training bad habits – thank you Vicky” Lucy (& Scoff)

“Thank you again for the great course, Jessie became a confident little puppy, the lessons really helped her.  Amelia [daughter] loved it too!” Gem (& Jessie)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the Monday morning puppy class. Although it may not look like it I feel I have learned a lot from you. The classes have given me reasonable goals some of which I have been able to achieve, this has given me the confidence to persist.” Sarah (& Rolo)

“I found the training very useful. The different ways that things can be done, and the re-iteration of the training ideas.  Also the questions/answers about specific problems that occur with the puppies. And the handouts are great for re-reading afterwards” Tanya (& Saffie)

“Thank you very much for a great finale to the course, all three of us had a ball on Monday.” Chris (& Indy)

“Residential puppy training was an invaluable start when we were unable to have our puppy at home for a few weeks. Vicky is an excellent teacher for both human and dog.” Julian (& Otto)