Chiswick Puppy Classes

Family-friendly and fun for you and your puppy

It’s never too soon to start training and socialising your puppy. A little time invested now, while they’re at their most impressionable age, will pay dividends as they mature into happy, well-balanced companions – eager to fit into your lifestyle.

Our understanding of how dogs learn is improving all the time. We focus on positive training methods using rewards (treats, attention and toys). This will help your puppy learn the basics (and quite a few tricks and games) very quickly!

For puppies aged between 9* – 20 weeks at the start of the course*

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During the 6 week course we’ll cover…

  • Teaching your puppy to understand you — and vice versa
  • Coming when called — NOT “catch me if you can”
  • Sit, down, stand and stay — the ABCs of puppyhood
  • Walking on a lead — at the pace and in the direction YOU choose
  • Being gentle — no biting or jumping up
  • Learning to settle down — restaurant manners for pups
  • How to play nicely — with other dogs as well as people

your puppy must have had at least one vaccination a week before coming to classes but check with your vet before you book as vaccination programmes may vary.